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This is Felicious

Felicious’ jewellery can be described as objects for an endless present: timeless, transcending season and always perfectly fitting, regardless of context. They are what you’d call instant classics. Having formerly studied architecture before learning the craft of goldsmithing, Felicitas Seidler creates her collection, consisting of several series, from carefully selected materials directly in her Berlin studio. She uses only precious metals for her designs that are, whenever possible, recycled or fair-trade. Her pieces are crafted using the high standards of both traditional and contemporary techniques of goldsmithing while addressing a broader clientele through style and price.

Established in 2006, Felicious’ main source of inspiration still is architecture – a reoccurring influence visible in most of her series. Further sources of inspiration are music, cinema and the classics of product design. Seidler bestows the functionality of standard objects with an idiosyncratic elegance.

The typically clean Felicious forms thrive on a combination of passionate understatement and cool charm. And despite subtle resemblances and references, they remain accessible to newcomers. Instead of creating a style imperative, these pieces intentionally adapt to individual tastes and sartorial habits.

This is Felicitas

Felicitas Seidler is not the type of woman that would mock up a 5-step career plan for her future. One could say she is rather the type that walks in the right direction by trusting her gut feeling without being afraid of arriving at a decision.

With a knack for using her hands since day one and an eye for the abstract, she started off into an educational path towards architecture in Bremen, a path that led her into realizing that her dreams were neither created in faceless offices nor could be compromised for economic efficiency. Instead, she decided to swap her drawing desk for a goldsmith’s hammer – a profession that she was fascinated by ever since she used to press her nose against the window of her favorite jeweller in her hometown Hildesheim.

During her search for an apprenticeship in Hamburg, she randomly spotted a goldsmith situated in the city’s red-light district St.Pauli that she walked into where she got hired from the spot. There, she did not only learn her trade but also how to run a business and most importantly what kind of creative direction she wanted to pursue: designing jewellery for people like herself; jewellery that is made with technical knowledge and an affinity towards simplicity; yet sensitive for expenditure.

Loaded with an idea and a crafts(wo)men certificate, Felicitas relocated to Berlin where she in 2006 established her jewellery label Felicious and opened her own store in 2008.